Thursday, April 9

shameless plugging

     driving driving 
my bare feet dangle out the window
we can pretend i have long red hair
      twin braids
      down my back

  driving driving
it smells like sweet corn sweet
playing connect the dots
  Nebraska dust
on your freckles

driving driving
you've taught me how to wink
you said like Elvis we'll roam this midwest
pink Cadillac
and we'll make love in style

Sooo I'm trying to get this published and if you like it and want to help me out, you can click here and then click "i like it" at the bottom and well... that would make me really happpppy. kthanks.

In other news, and as thank you for reading all that, my top 5 6 songs of the moment, all completely different in style and genre and general awesomeness:
Skinny Love - Bon Iver (look 1 post down for dload link)

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lalalauren said...

kelly that is beeauuutiful!